Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello World!

This is going to be where John and I will post our collaborations and of course sketches and paintings and drawings and donuts and stuff for the Sidewalk John and Machine Dawn characters.

Sidewalk John and Machine Dawn are a couple of characters based off on a joke we made about ourselves and we decided to make something out of it. John's character is basically a zombie mutant thing that comes out of sidewalks and is well.....really tall. My character is basically a really really short girl with a machine gun hand...still haven't decided whether or not she'll be undead though.

Anyway, here are a first couple of sketches I made. Technically Im supposed to be drawing John, but screw it. I wanted to draw a quick sketch of myself wearing a messenger bag with biking pants and a sweet jacket like the dude from infamous and a machine gun arm. Bite me.

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